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The Fishtown Beer Runners® combine responsible running with responsible drinking in the interest of science. They gather once a week to run three to five miles, and conclude each run at a pub for a beer or two. The mission is to test the results of a scientific research study conducted by Manuel J Castillo, MD,  School of Medicine,  University of Granada, Spain. The study reported that beer and water have similar rehydration effects under the conditions of his study which compared a moderate amount of beer to the same amount of water.

In December 2017, FBR will celebrate its 10th anniversary of responsible running and drinking in the interest of science.  The club has grown tremendously and now boasts 12 chapter nationwide and over 30 chapters abroad. The club was voted Best of Philly in 2012 and 2013, and was the subject of the 2015 award winning documentary, BEER RUNNERS.  


1)  to encourage people to exercise by running 

2) to promote the responsible enjoyment of beer

3) to provide camaraderie and support for new runners

4) to create opportunities for new and experienced runners to engage 

5) to support local tavern owners and breweries

6) to support community charities by fundraising, volunteering and raising awareness

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